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If you're planning on Simplified Naturalization, I strongly recommend HLS’ course. These angels patiently taught me everything I needed to know to ace the interview. Sitting in my home in Budapest, I can't thank them enough for their encouragement and kindness throughout the process.
Julie Angel,
I had taken a group course in Hungarian for 8 sessions though didn’t feel I had learned much. I found Julia and Renata and after the very first session I already felt I was on my way. Hungarian is an incredibly difficult language for Westerners to grasp, and Julia not only moves the learning along, she also will work with you at your speed. I wish I could spend even more time learning with Julia as I’m eager to further this elusive, and beautiful, language.
Shade Rupe,
The ladies at Hungarian Language Solutions provide the most efficient service. As soon as we send something for translation, Renata immediately notifies us of the cost and is extremely efficient at getting the translation back to us. Professional first class service.
Sara Kinge Administration Manager, Natural Instinct Limited,
The ladies translated our vows, the ceremony and all the speeches for our wedding and she ensured that every beautiful sentiment, every important moment was perfectly translated to capture the same emotion. We were thrilled with her work, and our Hungarian guests were able to laugh and cry (with joy) in all the right places.
Tania Shakinovsky,
Renata is an extremely brilliant teacher. We both had the challenge to reboot my brain after 2 years and within 3 months, thanks to the patience, fascinating technique and sharing of knowledge on how to reach my former B1 level for citizenship, Renata was able to encourage, stimulate and open my mind to absorb, use what knowledge I had and create building blocks in the language and thinking like a Hungarian. Results speak a million words. 3 months ago I couldn’t count from 1-10. Today, I am a very proud Hungarian citizen and was able to converse with the Embassy staff on a range of topics and carry on and clearly understand what was being said and how to catch words so I could in turn engage. There maybe many teachers out there but none that I have met so far that have ever actually changed the chemistry and mindset to become the Hungarian man I am today.
Brian, Japan,
It IS possible. Stick with it and it’ll happen. I wake up today and I’m a Hungarian citizen…still can’t believe it.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to both Julia and Renata. I couldn’t have done it without them and they know EXACTLY what they were doing. The paperwork was flawless, they had me well prepared for the interview, and there were zero surprises. Thank you once again!
Jesse, Seattle,
I highly recommend Renata as a teacher for Hungarian language. She is skilled, reliable with a talent for explaining language structure and grammar and for using varied resources to teach the language without monotony.
Anne Veevaert, France,
I have been taking lessons with Renata for a while now – and can honestly say that she has been the best foreign language teacher I have ever had. Her lessons are great and she’s very easy to chat with.Because Hungarian is so difficult and different from English, a lot of time is spent on grammar. Renata makes learning all of the rules fun by explaining bits of interesting background information about word compounds, stems, etc. and uses relavant real-life examples.I am now getting to a point in my studies where we can incorporate little readings and songs – which keeps things from being too repetitive. If there are any questions or something specific I would like to learn, Renata is always open for suggestions.(Although to be honest, her lessons are always top-grade and cover everything I’d want to know anyway, so I don’t ever have any suggestions).If you’re looking for a Hungarian tutor with excellent knowledge of Hungarian, wonderful English speaking ability (which is so needed to explain the rules of the language) and can teach really well – I would definitely recommend Renata.
BN Konkoly G, United Kingdom,
I have been taking lessons for some time and I have already learned a lot. I can greet people in Hungarian, I can order things in a restaurant, I can take a taxi, etc. Renata’s explanations are very clear and she also tells me things about the Hungarian culture, which is very interesting.
I’m looking forward to the next lessons and I really recommend Renata as a teacher.
Elske van Kammen, Holland,
Although it is a quite early stage to give Renata a 100% grade that is definitely her score. Renata is really concerned with the speed and level of learning and does by all means efforts to make practical examples when teaching.The class materials are first class and I am sure that Renata spends, for every 1-hour class with me, at least other 3 hours in preparation. A real bespoke approach that one is looking for on a 1-to-1 class.Hungarian is not a very easy language to learn albeit Renata turns it a bit more friendly and relaxed. With no doubts if you are looking for this challenging language Renata will help you a lot.
Thomas Berkes, Spain,
Renata has been teaching me for nearly two months now and I still consider it to be quite early in our relationship as I intend to keep taking lessons from her for some time now.Renata is very knowledgeable on Hungaraian and English and on teaching. She goes out of her way to help you, she prepares lesson plans, sends copies of all converstaions (I have lessons via Skype)and is genuinely interested in teaching you the language and culture of Hungary.I definitely recommend Reanata as a teacher.
Sean Leavey, United Kingdom,
Renata is always well prepared with lesson plans, sensitive to my level of previous knowledge and interest, patient, knowledgeable, interested in my feedback, and provides suggestions and material for additional study.
Waleed Mebane, United States,
Renata goes at the pace you require plus apart from the linguistic aspect is content to elucidate on culture and history, which are a fundamental part of language-learning. Hungarian, though not an Indo-European language, is intriguing and surmountable plus extremely interesting! It certainly exercises the brain!
Chris, Manchaster,
I have been very satisfied as a student of Renáta. I believe that she has a good feel for where you are at in your learning and paces her lessons perfectly, also if you have any questions she will be more than willing to help if you shoot her an email.
Justin Goldberg, Florida,
I was very happy with your work and will come back for more!
Carolina Pedrulho, Traducta,
I can highly recommend Hungarian Language Solutions to anyone wanting to learn Hungarian, particularly anyone of Hungarian heritage who wishes to apply for simplified citizenship, which includes a test of one’s ability to speak Hungarian. I had already been studying Hungarian on my own but needed to be sure that I could speak it well enough and properly in order to succeed in my appllication for citizenship, so I approached Hungarian Language Solutions about helping me. Luckily, they don’t just give Hungarian lessons, they also specialise in preparing students for the citizenship application and interview, so they know what questions are likely to be asked at the interview, what forms need to be completed and with what information, and what needs to be included in one’s short autobiography. Personally, I was a most difficult case, as I had only a short time (one month!) to prepare for my appointment at the Hungarian Consulate in London, on top of which I was getting ready to move back to the USA after 15 years in the UK, and to make matters more complicated, I couldn’t get enough of a signal on my laptop to get video during my Skype lessons. Renata and Julia, her very capable cohort in Hungary, were undaunted by this and set to work immediately, preparing lessons which they emailed to me in advance, then Julia gave me 3 lessons a week via Skype messenger while Renata had some telephone conversations with me so that I could practice speaking in Hungarian. When I made suggestions for how we might alter our lessons in order to accelerate my learning in accordance with my own particular way of learning, Julia was more than happy to be flexible and make changes, and she always dealt with my frustration and stress with patience and a sense of humour :). Because of their assistance, my comprehension and speaking ability improved greatly, and I was overjoyed that my documents and level of language knowledge were accepted at the Consulate. I am so looking forward to officially gaining my Hungarian citizenship at the end of the bureaucratic iter, and I am so grateful to Hungarian Language Solutions for the significant part they played in this. Köszönöm szépen, Renáta és Julia, nagyon hálás vagyok!
Terrie, United Kingdom,
Structured, practical, effective, friendly, professional and excellent value for money. Did I miss anything?
This team took me from being a complete beginner to passing my citizenship interview in three months and made the process a pleasure.
Roger Barb, London,
Hungarian Language Solutions provides a cleverly tailored curriculum with a wonderful team of teachers. I am really grateful for all their help and for how committed they were to my success. I would not have been able to do my interview without them!
Piero Papp,
Can not believe that I’m reading and speaking in this language after such a short time… As amazing as I've said Lidia is, she's more amazing even than that. She's more than a language tutor, she's a life coach!
Martin, New York,
I am very happy and extremely satisfied with my Simplified Naturalization course from HLS. Renata, Lidia, Edit and Julia did an outstanding job by preparing me for the interview and helping me reach my goal: to pass. They gave me all the tools and kind support to take my interview after 7 months studying with no Hungarian background. All classes were customized to meet my needs and schedule. Thank you for making it happen.
I also would like to thank Julia and Edit, they were amazing and so nice to me. Renata, you have the best women around you and I'll probably won't leave you girls so soon, I have the oath coming and my goal is to keep studying Hungarian. Thank you again and if you need my personal recommendation to anyone I will give it in a heartbeat!
Bruna, New York,
Edit - you have been an AMAZING professor and I definitely would not be at the level I am today without you. You have gone above and beyond in my lessons and it means so much to me. Si quieres ayuda con tu españoI, no dudes en preguntarme!
Renata - I truly appreciate all of your dedication to my case, your patience and understanding regarding my absence for a time, and your continued presence throughout the entire process.
Kiali, Chicago,
I am very happy with the flow of the course, the materials are very helpful and Lidia is an excellent teacher! I did miss one of the lessons but I was then able to use the lesson materials and view the video so it worked well for me. Super happy with my progress, the parts of Hungarian grammar that I haven't fully understood from other courses is clicking into place with Lidia's guidance.
Working in the group is nice, hearing others and learning from their attempts to use new grammar and words is helpful. Having conversation partners during the lesson is also very helpful.
Very happy, excited to learn more and write this message in Hungarian in the near future.
Jeffrey, Brno,
The level of professionalism and customer service at Hungarian Language Solutions is through the roof. All the teachers are sensational and truly care about the students progress as they go the extra mile to ensure thorough knowledge transfer. I highly recommend anyone trying to learn Hungarian to study here, you will be truly satisfied as I am.
Andres, Miami,

HLS gives absolutely excellent Hungarian language instruction. They helped me go from no knowledge of Hungarian to being able to successfully apply for Hungarian citizenship and pass the interview, in little more than one year. They strike a great balance of learning the Hungarian language in general, while focusing on the aspects of the language that will be most important for the interview and application process. They all speak fluent English as well, so they could always explain the subtler aspects of Hungarian to me in a way that I could understand. I have done many tandem phone calls with native Hungarian speakers in my effort to improve in Hungarian but HLS’s lessons are far more effective than tandems at rapidly learning the language. This is because the teachers not only speak fluent Hungarian and English, but they also are highly experienced with language instruction and have developed proven materials that work.

I would add that the HLS teachers exceeded my expectations in a number of ways. They helped me fill out the complex citizenship application form requiring us to communicate back and forth by email several times outside of the lessons. Even after my lessons were completed and I had paid for them, they still helped me from time to time with translating and composing Hungarian emails. They also kept me up to date with their knowledge about the critical steps in the process that came after the interview itself. The process of applying for Hungarian citizenship is always changing, and because they have several students going through the process, they always have the latest information and share it with their learners. For example, they helped me prepare for a second language test phone call after my interview that they expected would probably come. And in fact, I was contacted by the citizenship office in Hungary as anticipated, and with their guidance I successfully demonstrated my language skills on the phone call. Later, when it came time for me to take the oath of citizenship, they told me what to expect which was very helpful.

The process of learning a language as difficult as Hungarian requires some degree of frustration and struggle. However HLS teachers made learning Hungarian fun and engaging for me. They supported and encouraged me by telling me the things I was doing well, and pointing out the improvements that I had made, which kept me feeling motivated to keep going. They also did a great job of directly challenging me to improve, holding me to my study plan and giving me honest assessments of where I was. On a couple occasions they told me as I was not ready yet for the interview and they gave me specific feedback on the areas that I needed to focus on in order to get ready.

I was also very impressed at how open and welcoming of feedback the HLS teachers were. They wanted to know my opinion to continuously improve their program. This strategy, along with their already deep experience as teachers, has helped them build the best citizenship-oriented Hungarian language offering out there.

I believe HLS was essential to my success through this process. I highly recommend HLS to anyone who wants to learn Hungarian and/or pass the Hungarian citizenship interview.

Adam Tury, Los Angeles,

It was a big challenge, but the fantastic lesson plans and online resources that Hungarian Language Solutions produced, plus their great teaching techniques really did make it an enjoyable experience for me.

I took my citizenship oath last week in a beautiful room in the Hungarian Embassy in London, with the Hungarian Ambassador himself. It was an incredibly special occasion - and I am very grateful to all the Teachers, especially Lidia (who taught me the most,) for their wonderful support!

Matt, Berkshire, UK,

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