Hungarian lessons

As a translator and a bilingual person I understand the logic of both English and Hungarian languages which is a great help when it comes to helping you understand the structure of Hungarian grammar.

Our one-to-one lessons are delivered:

  • in person (in South London);
  • on Skype – this way we can make best use of time & technology enabling you to have your lesson from anywhere in the world. On Skype as well as speaking we type the words and sentences so you can hear them and at the same time see them on your screen.

We are not telling you that "Learning a foreign language is easy and you will speak fluently in 6 weeks" because it is not true. Hungarian is a difficult language to learn but if you stick to it it will be very rewarding later and we will certainly provide you with all the tools you need.

Each lesson is structured and has a part focusing on grammar, conversation and listening, but if you want to place emphasis on a particular thing that is also fine, of course. For each lesson a clear lesson plan is provided that is catered specifically for your individual objectives and language skill level. After each lesson a vocabulary list is compiled containing the words covered during the lesson. I believe lessons should be fun and should give you the opportunity to get to know Hungarian life and culture so although you will learn a lot, lessons will always be interesting.

Success stories

I had taken a group course in Hungarian for 8 sessions though didn’t feel I had learned much. I found Julia and Renata and after the very first session I already felt I was on my way. Hungarian is an incredibly difficult language for Westerners to grasp, and Julia not only moves the learning along, she also will work with you at your speed. I wish I could spend even more time learning with Julia as I’m eager to further this elusive, and beautiful, language.
— Shade Rupe,