Tara’s Hungarian Citizenship Journey

In this video, actress and filmmaker Tara Gadomski talks about what inspired her on her Hungarian citizenship journey.

In her introduction Tara tells us how her Hungarian heritage was an important constant in her life from childhood – this will resonate with many of you who are considering applying for Hungarian citizenship. It was in 2020 that Tara decided to take our Hungarian Citizenship Course with the aim of learning Hungarian and preparing for the citizenship interview.

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Tara’s enthusiasm carries us along as she tells us about the day of the oath ceremony and how much becoming a Hungarian citizen means to her.

The challenges Tara faced at the start of her journey were two-fold: obtaining the documents required for the simplified naturalisation process, and learning Hungarian in order to demonstrate her language skills during the citizenship interview. Tara gives us her insight regarding both these challenges, for example, she openly admits that learning Hungarian was hard work for her, particularly because the citizenship course is a focused course. Her progress was best when she studied some Hungarian every day.

In addition to working with Tara on her Hungarian language skills, Tara’s teacher from HLS helped her prepare for the citizenship interview by encouraging her to communicate in Hungarian as much as possible during the lessons. They also role-played various possible consulate scenarios ‐ these mock interviews are so important!

Tara found the video recordings of the lessons immensely helpful for independent study, and she loved the fact that the course curriculum included sections on Hungarian history and culture. She felt prepared to answer questions about Hungary that could come up during her interview conversation with the consul.

Tara tells us about her experience at an unexpected follow-up interview, where she arrived to submit further documents and was also given an impromptu language assessment. She passes on some important information about the hand-written biography which is an essential part of the application.

We are sure you will find this interview with Tara informative and helpful.